Consult your Physician

Always consult a physician before starting a fitness program or changing your diet. Information received by We Love Meal Prep is meant to support but not replace your relationship with your physician. Not all exercises, nutrition programs or activities are suitable for everyone. The information presented in this program are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. Our support should not be used to avoid medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment for any health condition or problem. We encourage our customers with questions regarding their own health to address these questions with their own physician or other health care providers. We Love Meal Prep does not make medical claims about the benefit of our products to improve any particular medical condition. Pregnant and lactating women should always consult with their health care professional before using dietary supplements.

Although the Personalized Nutrition Plans and food recommendations have been certified through a Registered Dietitian they have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These recommendations are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Every individual is responsible for their own health and lifestyle choices. Therefore our product does not guarantee any desired weight loss, weight gain, or physical change. The changes are dependent based on the effort each client puts into following our steps to success.

Shipping & Delivery

*We do not Ship Food Products.

We do pick-ups from designated pick-up days only.  If you miss the pickup day, we will freeze your meals till the following week or you can pay a standard $20 fee for our staff’s time and travel to meet you at our kitchen on the days we are closed.

Deliveries will be on Wednesdays only (unless by special request) Deliveries will be left on the doorstep if the customer is not home, and the customer will be texted a picture of where the delivery was left. Once the delivery has been dropped, We Love Meal Prep is no longer responsible for the package.

Please be aware that food sitting out too long without refrigeration can lead to contamination. Please put meals in the fridge/freezer immediately upon receiving them. If you are picking up, please take extra precautions and bring a cooler bag so that the food is safely transformed.

We Love Meal Prep is not liable for any food contamination once the food has left the kitchen/pick up location. It is up to each customer to practice safe food handling procedures to ensure and preserve the quality of food.

All Food is Final Sale.

Cost, Cancelations & Refunds

Food Prep Services: The cost of Food Prep orders includes the fully cooked and weight out portions of food, and the food containers.

Our Service Pricing is listed on our website after you select exactly want to order.  The cost of Food varies for the custom food prep plans because each person is different based on body type for their calorie/macro-nutrient intake.  However, all meals typically range between $7-$12 per meal (not including delivery fees).

All orders are due by Monday nights at 2am

You cannot cancel your order after Monday because your food has already been ordered, paid for, and has started to be prepped. There are no refunds once the food has been ordered.

*$20 Order Processing Fee is non-refundable for all orders.

*Due to COVID-19 All services and products are non-refundable.

Auto Order

We Love Meal Prep offers auto-order options for your convenience so you don’t have to remember to reorder every week.

Auto Order Set Up Options:

  • We save your order history and preferences and repeat your order portions and quantity of meals to repeat on a weekly basis.
  • Auto payments will be charged Sundays 0100 PST, If changes need to be made, please make them before that time.

Auto Pause:

  • If you are going out of town or want to pause your order for any reason we just need 5 days’ notice (when order requests are due).
  • We can automatically set up your auto order to continue at the date you desire so you don’t have to remember to manually restart your order.

*We do not recommend sending a text because we cannot guarantee it was received. Please Email

  • Order Pauses cannot be accepted verbally or via text because it cannot be guaranteed that the request will not be misplaced.
  • Late Pauses (after 5 days noticed) will be charged a $20 late cancellation fee. This is because the menu totals have already been finalized and we have to pay our menu planner to physically go back on the menu and redo all the totals for the day.
  • Pauses cannot be accepted after Monday because there is no time to redo the menu totals and food has already been ordered or prepared.


Our Kitchen actively stores and handles the preparation of Milk, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Nuts and other allergens.  We openly disclose that we are not an allergen-free kitchen.  That is that, not only do we lease our space and have no control over what food items are prepared in our kitchen when we are not there but also, that we personally prepare many of the major allergy sourced food items.  

Our clients, despite that fact that we work hard to keep separate hazardous food items, by using our services acknowledge that they may still be at risk for any allergic reactions to any allergies listed (or not listed) under their food personal preferences.