Balsamic Shrimp with Brown Rice

Blackberry Balsamic Marinated Shrimp

Organic Brown Rice

Organic Fresh Veggies

Side of Blackberry Balsamic Vinegarette


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Marinated blackberry balsamic shrimp with fresh veggies and brown rice.

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Shrimp, olive oil, soy sauce, blackberry, balsamic vinegar, garlic, oregano, black pepper, salt, basil, brown rice, Italian seasoning, zucchini, mushroom, mixed bell peppers, onion


Macros Calories Protein Fats Carbs Description
Small 270 25 9 21 3oz of Protein, 1/3 cup carbs, 1 cup veggies
Regular 351 37 9 29 4oz of Protein, 1/2 cup carbs, 1 cup veggies
Large 506 50 14 49 6oz Protein, 1 cup carbs, 1 cup veggies
X-Large 769 73 19 72 8oz protein, 1.5 cup carbs, 1 cup veggies

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